DXC - Crystal Upholstery Nails *My Colors*

DXC - My Colors
DXC - My Colors
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DXC - My Colors
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With buying from this item, you have chance to get tacks with your colors. All diamonds are the best quanlity acrylic diamonds, all beautiful and shiny.

Due to photo may not be enough to show details, here is some detail information of Colors

#1 : Regular Solid Black

#13 : Multi Color Dark diamond, looks different colors from different angles

#14 : Multi Color Bright Diamond, Looks like real crystal effects under light.

#15 : Not suitable for making nails, it's transparent multi color item.

#27 : Transparent Black

#42 : Sparkling Diamonds

#55 : Solid Shiny Black (looks like black diamonds)

Delivery Time : About 10 - 20 days

Note : We use regular "diamond cut" shape acrylic diamonds on our nails, please DO NOT take reference the shapes on Color Cart.